Intelligence Assistance for smart urban transport

One of the daily problems of society that usually goes unnoticed is the planning of urban transport. Daily transport (eg. from home to office and back home) can be a stressful activity. There are many variables to consider that may affect the normal development of the activity: cut areas, protests, places with decreased road, to name just some examples. These obstacles usually generate traffic chaos.

Differently of a planned vacation trip, daily transport planning is done by routine. This is one of the reasons for which there exist many applications oriented to planning trips, but only a few targeting the daily transportation

In this project, we investigate different techniques for extracting knowledge from publicly available data for the development of an intelligent assistant to assist users in planning their daily routine.

Director: Luis Berdun

Co-director: Álvaro Soria

Researchers: Marcelo Armentano, Rodrigo Ibañez

Students: Soledad D’Cristofaro, Agustímn Giannoni

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